Your personal genome carries more than 20,000 genes that influence everything from your eye colour to your metabolism.

Your DNA can give valuable insights into your exercise responsiveness, dietary needs and much more.

Understand your genes, and you can make lifestyle choices that complement your unique genetic profile.

Crack your health code.

Your genes, your goals.

The GenSmart app interprets your genetic profile, sets you personalised goals, and supports you every step of the way.


Your DNA

GenSmart analyses your DNA profile, diet and lifestyle using its unique algorithm.


Your Priorities

GenSmart identifies the most important dietary and lifestyle goals for you to work towards.


Your Progress

GenSmart generates your personalised task list, and tracks your progress towards each goal.


Build your best habits

Track your progress. Know yourself.



After you have purchased the app a saliva test kit will be ordered and you will receive this in about a week.


The kit arrives and then you take your saliva swab, the test will be returned by you to the laboratory in the pre-paid envelope provided.


You can then go to the Apple store to download the GENSMART app.



Once the laboratory has got your results these will be automatically uploaded to the app for you to view.


No one else can see your results except you and all the data is stored against a number not a name so no-one is able to identify these results.


You are then ready to view your results with your own wellness goals and targets through the app!


We believe that genetic knowledge should be accessible to anyone, effective for everyone.


We don’t expect you to change your life in one day.

We want to empower you to understand yourself and build your best habits.

One step at a time.