Providing an overall holisitic service


We are a qualified team of specialists from health, wellness and personal coaching backgrounds. We provide a seamless service in terms of your personal wellness and on our specialist retreats.

Each member of the team works on a different aspect of your health and wellbeing to provide an overall holisitic service from nutrition and weight loss to stress management and fitness specialists.

We pride ourselves in our dedication to helping our clients achieve long term sustainable goals for their future wellbeing and health. We have a number of professional partnerships to help us deliver this impeccable service.


Rebecca Tucker

Founder and Managing Director

Rebecca gained a BSc Hons in Biology in 1992 after studying Science at A Level and enjoying it from a very young age. Her passion for finding out about 'How the Human Body worked' has remained with her throughout her teaching career.


Dr Dugmore

Cardiovascular Specialists

Dr Dorian Dugmore (PhD Cardiovascular Medicine), Founder of Wellness Academy is internationally recognised as an expert in cardiovascular health, preventative medicine and wellness . His programmes have won World and European Best Practice awards for corporate wellness.


Stephen Price

Founder and Managing Director

Stephen Price’s background makes him distinctive among health and fitness professionals. His core philosophy to fitness is one that is fully integrated and bespoke – helping to increase vitality, performance, and overall wellbeing from both a physical and psychological perspective.

Sarah Hurst

Registered Nutritional Therapist

Sarah Hurst is a Registered Nutritional Therapist having graduated in 2009 from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London. She currently runs a private practice specialising in weight management, digestive health and stress related concerns.

Kemo Marriott

Health and Fitness Coach

Over the years, all of my achievements, big or small, could not have occurred without the encouragement of a support network or coach; someone with a vested interest in helping me to ascend to something greater.