2020 Vision

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As quoted by Abraham Lincoln - The best way to predict your future is to create it.

As we start a New Year, how amazing would it be if you could implement a strategy that had all your well-being goals set, with a clear vision of where you could be this time next year as you approach 2020.

We all know that fad diets and flimsy resolutions can be easy to make and easy to break – how amazing would it be to explore your genes, organise your goals and make the changes that count.

Well that’s where I am starting the New Year – having just sent my Gensmart DNA test off, I’ll be receiving my Genetics report before the New Year.

The report will provide an in-depth analysis of my personal genetic makeup, and how best I adapt my lifestyle that will enhance my personal well-being. I’ll have a better understanding of my unique health and fitness, nutritional need and most importantly any pre-disposed risk factors that can allow me to prevent future illness through the actions I take now.

This is going to be an exciting programme for me to follow, and of course it comes with a little bit of anxiousness about ‘what I don’t know now’ but I know the more I can learn about myself through a scientific programme that guides and educates me about ‘me’ is going to be more affective than me trying to guess what’s best for me.

The report will tell me things like the best diet I should follow for optimum health and vitality, what time I should go to bed and rise each day, the types of exercise I am best suited to. How many times have you followed a diet or exercise plan that seems to work for everyone else – but is not working for you, and you end up feeling worse than when you started.

Within the report will be lifestyle suggestions and hacks for you to follow, gradually implementing habits that last and become the norm. With each change having a compound effect on you overall well-being.

A bit more about me, I am a 47 year old mum of 2 kids (now in their 20’s) I have always been interested in Health, Wellness and Travel – so I think I have the best job that fulfils many of my passions. My overall well-being is good, but I do get tired, and can be known to party a little hard, I haven’t been exercising as much and I eat on the run when busy; I know all of these things can have an impact on my health and potential risk of some issues down the line – this is my opportunity to take a good look at all aspects, make changes, still have fun and enjoy a night out but be conscious of how that can affect my efficiency, moods and how I feel.

I am taking on a personal challenge in the October to walk to the Lost City in Colombia for charity, so I have a really great incentive to be my best self by this point, full of energy and in shape to enjoy this experience to the full.

I will be writing a monthly blog on my journey through the year, with the odd podcast to show how it’s going. It will be an interesting experience to share and I’m sure we will have a few giggles along the way.

We hope you join us in 2019 to learn more about White Calm – its going to be a busy year with many days, retreats and wellness events planned.

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Rebecca Tucker