A Father's Love

A father’s love as much as a mother’s is key to the development of our children’s emotional wellbeing. Anyone can mother or father a child but being a mum or a dad is a lifetime role – that does not come with a handbook.

Our parents influence and shape our lives in so many ways, modern society has opened the opportunity for fathers to play a more immersive role in their children’s lives.


Children look to their fathers as much as they do to their mothers to provide feeling of security both physical and emotional, an involved father can have a profound effect on a child’s inner growth.

Studies have shown that fathers that are able to express affection and support positively affects their child’s cognitive and social development, instilling and overall sense of wellbeing and self-confidence.

Father’s set the bar for our relationships with others and what we look for in other people. The friends we have, the partners we choose and ultimately how we relate to others relationship wise.

Typically, girls look to their father for security and emotional support, he shows her what a good relationship with a man should look like, builds her self-confidence to be able to be herself. Mindfulness and understanding of this will help you both grow a strong bond that allows to her to always know that her Dad is there for her no matter what.

Fathers and Sons are more typically likely to model their relationships based on their father’s character. 

We naturally grow up imitating the behaviour of those around us, and generally boys are seeking approval from their father’s - a father that’s caring and treats people with respect will tend to raise sons that follow his fatherly ways.

As said before a child does not come with a parenting manual, and we don’t always get it right, it takes work and being mindful of the power and influence we have in shaping our children’s development and their future relationships.

As a mother of two and a daughter of a loving father, I can see how these have played out in both relationships. My father taught me to be confident and strong, have belief in myself, to build relationships with people that are honest, supportive and loving. 

In my children I see how my husband has influenced my son to be a caring and loving man, who is self-assured and our daughter to be confident, strong and know that she has an unconditional love and bond with her dad.

So as Father’s Day approaches, it’s great to reflect on how unique and wonderful the gift of being a father and having a father is to us all.