A Mother’s Love


Princess Diana was once quoted as saying:

“A mother’s arms are more comforting than anyone else’s.”

That’s certainly true to the child that lies within them, for the bond between a mother and her baby is like nothing else. But now it has been scientifically proven that a mother’s touch has an amazing effect on her baby’s DNA.

Whilst research has long known that touch has a positive benefit on all humans - and particularly in a baby’s development, recent findings add weight to the fact that cuddling and contact with your baby has an effect at a molecular level.

Every hug gives your body a small dose of Oxytocin, this is a neurotransmitter associated with love, intimacy and lots of other amazing feel-good emotions.

Research undertaken by the University of British Columbia and British Columbia’s Children’s hospital discovered that a baby’s DNA can be affected by how much physical contact they have with their mother; every snuggle and cuddle of your infant has a positive effect on their biology, influencing epigenetic changes in at least five areas of their DNA, including areas related to the immune system and metabolism. 

We often put nutrition and exercise first for wellbeing, but the base of a healthy body and mind is social bonding. Your mother, close family and friends are critical to optimum health. 

What more excuse do you need to let the dishes wait, than to go and have some snuggle time - and if you’re little ones are not so little as Mother’s Day approaches, it seems there could be no better gift than a huge hug!