What’s the point of understanding your genetics?

Why is it beneficial to understand our genetic make up – for many of us being presented with a document detailing all your unique codes, can be exciting and daunting at them same time.

The what do you do with that information – either carry on as normal, worry about what it contained or start to adopt a lifestyle prescribed by your DNA.

All of the above are choices we can make – for me, I chose to take the route of knowing, having an in depth consultation with an nutrigenomics expert, then adopting and implementing lifestyle changes that I know are akin to enhancing my wellbeing.

It would be hard to take on board all of the suggested changes in one go, so I am addressing some of the highlighted areas that I need to focus on 1st, daily implementing practices and habits that I know are perfect for me.


We know change isn’t easy, but its hard when you see your genetic make up in print, often highlighting areas that you know you have a family history of – hey we are 50% of both our parents, so if like me you are approaching a time of your life where you have seen some of the health experiences of your grandparents and parents, you’ll have a fairly good idea of things that could be an issue as you get older,


The benefits of undergoing a genetic test id you know how the combination of your parents genes are presenting themselves in you – which ones are predominant, how they impact each other, what your perfect diet is, what sleeping rhythms do you follow – all areas that are key to YOUR wellbeing.

Sir Francis Bacon attributed to the phrase “Knowledge is Power’, dating back to 1597 when he published the maxim in his book, “Meditationes Sacrae and Human Philosophy’. With knowledge and accountability, we can move ourselves into action where we can make the changes needed to enhance our well-being.

So, when someone asks me – why embark on a genetic test – my answer is, it’s my life and my responsibility to take care of it – if I know what I need to do the only choice is to decide how I use that information.