Emerging Travel Trends


Two top travel trends are emerging, and White Calm Signature Escapes are so excited about them – they blend like coffee and cream.

Wellness Travel and Touring have both been identified as two of the largest areas of growth within tourism and go correctly hand in hand when looking to take trips that balance seeing amazing destinations and at the same time improving your well being whether that Mind-body or soul.

Travellers are increasingly interested in new experiences as well as taking time to incorporate their passions and hobbies into their precious holiday time.

Tours have previously been thought of as aimed at an older less mobile demographic, but with new dynamic suppliers and tour creators entering the market, we are seeing an increasing number of travellers from all ages looking for diverse and different experiences.

There are many to choose from, and whether you are a solo traveller, group or family there is a tour perfect for you. 

Increasingly we are also seeing that clients are looking to gain something more from their trips than just a collection of photos and memories; they want to come back enriched with improved wellbeing.

Wellness tours are designed with that firmly front of mind, by taking you to amazing destinations that inspire you, but at the same time gives you time to reflect, improve knowledge, introduce new habits and ultimately feel like you have gained more than a suntan. 

Can you imagine taking a Wellness trip to Nepal and learning more about meditation and mindfulness from Buddhist teachers and then taking a flight over Everest;

Or how about a Wellness trip to Italy, practising Yoga on the Palatine Hill in Rome and then heading off to visit Lucca the birthplace of Puccini. 

There are so many options. We are here to help you find the perfect tour.  Let us know what you are looking for. from seeing a once in a lifetime phenomenon while exploring a destination - for example sampling the sights of Chile at the same time of an Eclipse, or following a passion or sport and seeing the rest of a country. 

Tours allow you to benefit from the experience of a guide, cover vast areas easily and safely, combine multiple interests to give you the ultimate in sometimes life-changing trips.

Rebecca Tucker