England Rugby team finding their inner Warriors

Many sports professionals are turning to Yoga as a complimentary element to their health and fitness regimes. 

At White Calm we loved seeing the England Rugby team getting into some of our favourite poses and showing how beneficial Yoga is in giving a fully rounded fitness programme.

The benefits of Yoga are endless, and with Rugby being one of the most athletically demanding and strategic games played, the practice is perfect to help their body and mind relax pre and post matches. 


Typically we often think that Yoga is more a female practice, but more and more men are coming to our classes and events, to practice both Yoga and Meditation. With many sportsmen looking for a way to keep supple, injury free, inner strength, clear of mind with channelled focus and energy.

White Calm have retreats and days perfect for all levels, from Deep relaxation days to holidays to fully focus on Health and wellness.

Take a look at some of our Corporate and Group retreats that we can tailor to design days or retreats for your team to learn more about the benefits of building Yoga and mindfulness into your fitness regimes.

Rebecca Tucker