My Genetic Journey so far .....

Understanding your DNA to make intelligent decisions about your health and wellness.

2019 has started with my 2020 Vison in mind, having taken my Genetic test and spent a day on our Wellness day last week, I have a much greater understanding of how my Genetics play a key part in my health and wellbeing.

Spending a day with Thomas the founder of Gen Smart was nothing short of a real awakening of how our bodies and our daily interactions with food, exercise and relaxation play a key part in our wellness.

Knowing your personal genetic make up allows us to understand what key nutrients are required to eat an optimum diet, which exercises does your body respond best to, when should you be going to bed to get the best night’s sleep.

How many of us have followed a diet that seems to work for others, but leaves you feeling tired and washed out, or embarked on a fitness regime that just doesn’t seem to work.

Wouldn’t it be great to take all that guess work out – that’s exactly what I’ve done. I have my results back and am going to spend time with Thomas and Rebecca going through the results. There is a lot of information and it wouldn’t be prudent to try and make lots of changes all in one go, so they highlight the key ones that will make the biggest differences to your life.

It could be as simple as ensuring you eat more berries in your diet, adapting your work outs – each day you make a slight change adding something in, taking something out, making lifestyle changes that become instilled into your daily regime.

The test was simple, a quick swab of the inside of your cheek, sent off to the lab. With the test partnered with the Wellness day, you get to learn more about the genes and their roles within the body, what impacts them and how they personally affect you.

Combining this with a one to one consultation, you come away with a better understanding of yourself, and your family’s health – your children will have a mix of yours and your partners genetics so there’s a good chance what you do to enhance your diet and health will also help them.

I am really excited about how I can start to make changes to my diet and exercise over the next 12 months, each month I’ll be adding another blog to show my journey to optimum health, as well as meeting more of our clients that are also taking their own personal genetics journey with us.

Sarah- Jane Davies has also taken the test, awaiting results and together we will be vloging, blogging and sharing our experiences – so keep an eye out for us on our social media platforms.

Our next Genetics wellness day is 3rd March, do contact us if you’d like to come along or click this link to take to you the booking form.

Till next month…..

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Rebecca Tucker