How understanding my Genetics improved my ski experience

Many people think that taking a Genetic test would be more about diet and health, and there’s a lot in the report that relates to your optimum diet to help prevent conditions that you may be predisposed to because of your genetics.

Having recently taking my test and gone through the results, I was surprised at how much the information in the report helped me understand how my body responds to physical exercise and how to prevent injury.

I am competitive and never like to give in, so often push myself when sometimes my body is advising me not to.

Last year I was skiing in Val Thorens and I had a fall on the last run of the 1st day, which resulted in a torn knee ligament and therefore no skiing for the rest of the week.

I found that was skiing well for around 2 hours and then would become tired and more liable to fall – this could be just down to fitness levels and not training properly pre ski season – but did you know that some of us are more likely to suffer like this because of our genetics?

The genetics test will tell you if you are more suited to endurance or power exercise, how prone to injury you are, if you are someone who MUST warm up before exercising.

So this Feb, I went skiing again, this time though I was equipped with the information from my DNA test – this dramatically changed how I managed my ski time based on understanding more about my genetic makeup.

My results advised me that I more suited to power over endurance, so I am more likely to tire after to long a period – hence the wall that I would hit after 2 hours on the slopes, still being an intermediate skier, I still exert a lot of energy that I may not as a more experienced skier. Understanding this, took away that element of feeling like I wasn’t keeping up, more that this is how my body works. This meant that I took the breaks, especially when I felt I was losing form.

My genetics also show that I am more prone to ligament injury and the need for me to warm up properly and is important in helping me prevent injury. 

I took the Doterra oil Deep Blue with me, its brilliant for warming up muscles, and repairing muscle and ligament strain. Perfect tonic for a pre application before heading out and then a few drops in the bath when back to alleviate all those aches.


All in all, knowing more about myself helped me come back injury free, enjoyed my time skiing and ultimately allowed me to do exactly what my body needed me to do rather than pushing through because of ego and competitiveness.

If you would like to know more about yourself and your genetics than give us a call or drop us an email – we have our next Genetics Wellness Day on 19th May.