Solar Eclipse over stunning Chilean skies


Most people Travel to experience something unique, and this Tour will not disappoint, filled with exciting elements that will ensure you make memories that last a lifetime.

Take a trip to this amazing South American Country and have a once in a Lifetime Experience. On 2nd July 2019, just before sunset, the moon will pass between the sun and the earth, giving you two minutes of a Total Eclipse from the dramatic Elqui Valley.

Due to its altitude and clear skies, this location has been chosen to offer you the most spectacular displays of this incredible phenomenon, and perfectly combined with Wine from the valley and home to the traditional Chilean tipple Pisco – ensuing you can toast this unique moment in style.

White Calm love this itinerary as it combines so many life-enhancing experiences in one of the world most amazing destinations; full of dramatic scenery, culture, delicious food and wine. Just imagine, flying on a private charter airplane to get you as close as possible to the Eclipse Private viewing area, avoiding long and crowded journeys, and enjoying a luxury picnic and wine and the Moon and Sun do their magic.

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Rebecca Tucker