The gift of Wanderlust

How to inspire your children to be more adventurous through travel.

Rebecca and I have 7 grown up children between us, and we know how much travel has shaped and been a major part of their lives.

Our families and children, whether on a family trip or alone have through the experiences they’ve had be instrumental in helping them become more independent and appreciative of the world around them.

There is so much of the world to explore, and I know with my own children, there have been many times when they haven’t been happy about me waking them up on a chilly pre-dawn morning chill in Mount Bromo, Java, to one hour later watching them mesmerised by a beautiful sunrise, a round of high fives after a five-hour climb to the top of Stromboli to see the most amazing lava eruptions or White-water rafting in Bali and having the best ever water fight.

We all know joint experiences bring us closer – as a family these moments have brought out the best and worst of us, but as a family we have worked together to overcome any challenges that the natural pitfalls of travelling can throw at you. We are not a super fit family, but active and enjoy going to places where we experience culture and different environments that allow us to learn something new about a destination or ourselves.

We have learned during these trips, how we function as a family, who’s the positive one, who can foresee the challenges, who the organiser is and who the solution finder is – so many life skills developed by being in a different environment, taking you out of comfort zones.

There are so many trips and experience for all ages and family groups – next year we are skiing in France, we haven’t skied as a family before, with my daughter and the in laws in their golden years having never skied. This could be the most challenging trip ever!!

White Calm believe that well-being stems from environments that allow us to thrive, family adventures to places that awaken the senses, take you out of your comfort zones can be a great way to bring you closer together and instil a sense of wonder and adventure. Look out for our White Calm Family trips and experiences that we will be sharing, of course if there’s something you would like to do and cant see it on our website, just give us a call or fill in our contact us page. There are so many different options from Ranch holidays to skiing, it would be hard to share them all.

To end this post – a lovely line my son wrote on a Photo Calendar present that made me smile … the memories we make through the journeys we take – what memories do you want to make with your family?

Rebecca Tucker