The Perfect Gift… the gift of Deep Relaxation.

In a world of so much ‘stuff’ sometimes finding that special someone a perfect gift, that is thoughtful and heartfelt can be tough. Will it fit, is it the right colour, do they already have this?

Take a look at Our Deep Relaxation Days

Whatever the occasion, Christmas, birthday, anniversary or just because … these days truly provide a gift that makes someone feel loved and special.

With such busy lives our loved ones and people we care about often want the same thing, Time for themselves, some space and opportunity to escape from the to do list and really relax.

That’s exactly what our Deep relaxation days offer, one client said that she felt more revived and rejuvenated after a White Calm Signature Day than she had after a week away.

Our Days are relaxed and designed to be perfect for anyone, there is a small amount of Yoga, but this is more relaxation yoga than anything strenuous mixed with meditation and mindfulness, led by qualified instructors.

Our retreats are organised across the UK and worldwide, all set in luxurious surroundings to help you feel pampered from the moment you arrive.

Rebecca and I understand what it can mean to have that time to yourself with 7 children between us, working mums that juggle – and designed our days to give you that time to escape without impacting on your schedules and families too much.

Take a look at Our Deep Relaxation Days

So, if you are looking for a gift that is personal, loving and thoughtful then give us a call and we can find the perfect location and dates to suit, alternatively we can provide a gif voucher for them to choose their perfect White Calm retreat.

We look forward to helping you find that perfect gift.

Debbie and Rebecca

Rebecca Tucker