A retreat for those needing help to start to lose weight in “hard to shift” places, wanting a safe detox and regain their energy and immunity as well as getting help to start treating ailments such as allergies, hay fever, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, also addressing weight-loss, detox, immune boosting, skin and aesthetics.



£5,495 pp single occupancy

£4,950 pp double occupancy

Maximum of 8 guests


Dates will follow shortly,please inquire to find out more. 





Pre – retreat tests

A thorough examination and possible tests which maybe done depending on specific requirements from the following:

  • Bio resonance Testing - A natural, empowering, innovative technology to scan and rebalance your body
  • Acupuncture
  • Food intolerance tests
  • Low dose pharmacology medicine
  • Nutritional advice
  • Herbal advice
  • Kinesiology – looking at the body’s movements
  • Physiotherapy advice
  • Hormone imbalance correction
  • Immune modulation therapy – treatment of disease such as cancer by enhancing, inducing or suppressing an immune response
  • Musculoskeletal advice
  • Blood tests will only be carried out if required

Following this comprehensive examination and testing, stimulating the healing process occurs with, herbal and nutritional supplements, individually formulated low dose medicine or homeopathic tinctures, essential oils, lifestyle changes and one or more diet and detox treatments.

Integrating all these together means that the patient will regain balance and then can drastically reduce or stop their medications over time.

We get the body back into balance so that this pre-clinical treatment can clear the way for any other illness that maybe hidden and need medical attention


A retreat to rebalance your body


Bio regulatory medicine is an alternative way to treat ailments in the body that can supplement normal medical intervention and sometimes replace it altogether. It is based on the fact that the body is a balanced system which can become derailed through many causes.Your health is determined by a delicate balance between the brain, nerves, hormones, gastrointestinal system, organs and the resulting immune system.


This balance is affected by genetics, lifestyle, emotional state and environmental toxicity. Imbalances in one or more of these areas often give rise to diseases that can be difficult to resolve without an alternative medical targeted boost.

Please be aware that results may vary depending on you state of health but after the retreat you should continue to seek advice to see further improvements and further boost to your health and body.

Further retreats with Dr Alam can be booked to rebalance the body at any time.


Here’s what to look forward to:


Pre-retreat testing at Dr Alam’s clinic including:

  • A full body scan
  • Consultation with Dr Alam based on the results to work out your own designated retreat programme
  • Blood test only if required

During the retreat:

  • Targeted weight loss treatment for specific ‘problem areas’ for each individual. To start the process of weight loss for each individual.
  • Alternative medication prescribed individually to cure individual ailments
  • Adjustment of hormones using properly prescribed alternative medication for each individual
  • Detox smoothies to be made for each person on retreat again targeted to specific organs of the body
  • Healthy nutritious food to help the detox and cleansing programme
  • Workshops and one to one sessions with Dr Alam whilst on the retreat giving personal advice to each individual.
  • A personal training session for each individual on retreat
  • A group circuit training session with a personal trainer on site – optional
  • A group yoga session with a qualified instructor on site – optional
  • A deep tissue massage
  • Use of the gym, swimming pool and spa facilities between 2pm and 5pm on site each day


Alexander House Hotel and Spa, UK

All - inclusive except for travel to and from the location



The bedrooms:

Each of the extra comfortable rooms and suites are individually designed and blend classic historic charm with modern finishes and homely warmth. All of the rooms include complimentary wifi and temporary membership to our award winning Utopia Spa, for all guests over the age of 18.

The spa:

The Grecian inspired interiors have been designed to take guests on an intimate spa journey to relieve everyday stresses and strains. So as you lounge by the pool, melt away under the monsoon showers or plunge into the hydrotherapy pool, you really will feel as though you have escaped to another world.


 This 5 star hotel is located on the borders of Sussex and Surrey, yet convenient to Gatwick Airport and only 55 minutes from London. 


Meet The Team



Dr Alam is a specialist in bio-regulatory medicine. After his wife developed an illness in 2002 when conventional medicine could not come up with a cure, he started his journey to find a cure for her.

He started by attending lectures and courses which resulted in a Homeopathy diploma and then became a Fellow in 2009.

He then further developed his interest and became an expert in Homotoxicology in 2012.

He then turned his attention to the nerves, spine and acupuncture culminating in obtaining another degree in 2013 in Bio facelift procedures, which rejuvenate the skin without harmful Botox.

He finally obtained a first class honours degree in Bioregulatory Medicine which is a new paradigm in disease evolution and treatment.

He has also been a consultant audiologist, consultant scientist and Dr of Audiology at Imperial NHS trust since 2006. Dr Alam Hussain is a top specialist and is able to really make a difference to your overall health and wellbeing!

Dr Alam, you have recommended a treatment that has turned my life around. It’s been two months now and I have seen a huge difference in my health as well as losing weight, my skin is looking radiant and glowing. Thank you so much, you really helped me when no other treatments worked.
— Farah Gani, patient