White Calm | The Essential Travel Kit

White Calm | The Essential Travel Kit


White Calm has created own collection of essential oils perfect for the mindful traveler. These oils have been hand selected to replace some key over the counter Travel products that are less pure, and may contain harsh chemicals.

Zen Test is perfect to aliviate symptoms to Travel Sickness, support digestion, sooth upset stomachs and relieve bloating.

Lavender is perfect for relaxation, sleep to aid jet lag, relieve bites and stings, soothe sun burn.

Peppermint is perfect for waking you up and getting feeling more on time zone, refresh breath, relieve headaches, reducing fevers and helps cool you.

Lemon Oil perfect for the morning after, rehydrate, detoxify and generally refresh.

Terra Shield is a natural insect repellent, keeping bugs at bay.

Please remember that these are essential Oils and need to be mindful not to apply if sunbathing in direct sunlight whilst using.

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