Led by two top specialists Dr Denise Ratcliffe a qualified and experienced clinical consultant and Charlotte Harper a qualified dietician. 

For those who wish to change their eating habits and build a balanced and sustainable diet and who want to manage emotional eating and cravings.



£1,750 per person for a 3 night retreat in a luxury hotel

Dates for 2018


  • May 10th to 13th  (This is now Full) 

  • July 5th to 8th

  • August 16th to 19th

  • Oct 11th to 14th

  • Dec 6th to 9th


About the Retreat

This is a two day/ three night programme focussing on eating healthily and maintaining a balanced and sustainable diet even when life gets hectic and stressful! It is also suitable for those who want to look at the emotional and psychological reasons for eating problems and disorders. We also look at alcohol intake management as well as hydration levels which can affect our tiredness and energy levels.

Our two top specialists from the fields of clinical psychology  and dietetics will guide you through their workshop sessions as well as offering one to one consultations to help those who require a more in-depth analysis. This isn't just about sending you to a boot camp for a few days to loose weight - this is about weight management for life!

Our specialists are both very sensitive and professional in the way they tackle individual problems.

We only have ten spaces available on each retreat to ensure that the programme will be productive for those who attend.

We also have included the use of the spa and a few fitness sessions in between the workshops - this is a chance to make a difference to your own weight or a loved ones. You can also book optional massages and facials while oyu are on retreat with us.


Suitable for

  • Those who wish to change their eating habits and build a balanced and sustainable diet.
  • Who want to manage emotional eating and cravings.
  • Those who wish to manage their alcohol intake and manage their hydration levels.
  • Those with very hectic or busy lifestyles who need advice on how to manage their food within their busy lives.
  • Those who wish to lose weight in a sustainable and realistic way as well as maintain their weight.
  • Who wish to address their body image.
  • Who wish to create a diet that is realistic for their own personal use.

What is included

  • Classic double room for single or double occupancy.
  • Breakfast and buffet lunch.
  • Unlimited tea and coffee.
  • Use of spa facilities.
  • Wifi.

All workshops on:

  • What’s in your food (food labels/knowledge based).
  • Balanced, sustainable eating (which foods to prioritise, probiotics, getting away from the “dieting” mindset).
  • Managing emotional eating and cravings.
  • Hydration (including alcohol).
  • Mindful eating & Automatic eating & habits.
  • Managing emotional health (self-care and self-compassion).

All one to one sessions with our two experts:

  • The individual psychology appointment would focus on lifestyle habits and behaviours that affect someone's eating and weight.
  • Also any emotional factors that affect eating and weight too. We think about the type of beliefs or rules that people have developed about eating over time as well (e.g. must clear plate!).
  •  We also address body image where appropriate.
  • Individual diets are also looked and to see where areas of potential change and improvement can be made for weight reduction or maintenance.
  • At the end there would be recommendations for areas of potential change.

All fitness classes for all levels

All one to one consolidation times with our two experts

  • Travel to and from the venue.

  • Dinner and drinks in the evening.

Optional treatments include:

  • Massage.

  • Spa treatments.


Greenwoods Hotel and Spa, Essex

Set in an idyllic spot in Essex this is a perfect spot to unwind and enjoy an overnight break in a luxury spa hotel. The hotel has one of the best gym facilities in Essex as well as heated indoor pool and spa facilities which you can use during your stay.


Meet The Team


Denise Ratcliffe

Clinical Psychologist

Denise is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who has worked in the NHS and private sector. She was Head of Clinical Health Psychology in a central London teaching hospital. She specializes in working with people who want to develop a healthier relationship with their eating, their weight and their bodies. She helps people understand the psychological issues that may affect their eating, weight and body image and helps them to develop strategies to manage these. 


Charlotte Harper

Registered Dietitian

Charlotte is a registered Dietitian, having graduated from The University of Chester in 2009. Her respect for the human body and its anatomy forms the foundation for her interest and enthusiasm in nutrition and dietetics. Having been the lead Dietitian for a Bariatric company in the North West for 6 years she has experience in working with the nutritional needs for a range of people with additional experience and interest in sports nutrition and eating disorders. Her passion for sharing sound nutritional information on how to look after your body aims to promote happiness through health.