Our health programmes cover pre-operation fitness preparation including weight loss post-rehabilitation for those wanting to get back to normal life as soon as possible after surgery of any kind.

What will the client get from these courses?

Clients will build up their strength and improve their health by following a carefully constructed tailored programme created by the qualified personal coach specialising in rehabilitation fitness.

Clients will start with an initial consultation to assess medical conditions, current strength, posture, activity level and diet. Any barriers to training will be discussed and talked through and support will be given to encourage the client to be able to progress through the training programme to achieve optimum results. This will be in the form of logging all training sessions completed, measurements and body fat analysis taken, encouraging consistency and making sure progress is being made during each session. Full nutrition plans will be provided for the duration of the programme.

The exercise programme will comprise of functional movements such as:

Squats, deadlifts, incline dumbbell press, bent over rows, pull ups, slam ball slams, press-ups and core exercises.

Throughout the programme the client will progress to add heavier weight which will increase muscle mass, control insulin sensitivity and stop muscle loss around the joints and increase fat loss.


Cost - per individual or for max two people

Diabetes -12 week programme including a consultation and full diet plan

2 x 45 minute sessions per week - £1,800

3 x 45 minute sessions per week - £2,500

or £75 per session


Arthritis and Osteoporosis -12 week programme

2 x 30 minute sessions per week - £1,440

3x 30 minute sessions per week - £2,100

or £60 per session


Cancer patients rehabilitation after treatment and physiotherapy - 12 week programme

2 x 30 minute sessions per week - £1,440

3x 30 minute sessions per week - £2,100

or £60 per session

What is included:

  • A full medical and lifestyle questionnaire
  • Healthy eating plan for life
  • 30/45 minute tailored exercise programme
  • Regular weigh-ins and measurements taken
  • Weekly review of food intake
  • Bi-weekly assessment of progress and feedback
  • Lose weight and increase muscle size and function
  • Receive on-going support and advice 7 days a week from the coach when required



Client X has made so much progress through strength training that he is now able to control his Diabetes with diet and exercise to the exclusion of Insulin injections - has he been pumping iron 24/7? – no not at all, let us look at his weekly regime.

Monday – Strength Training

Tuesday – 30 Minute Walk

Wednesday – Strength Training

Thursday 30 Minute Walk

Friday – Strength Training

Please see opposite for strength training exercises.


On the Strength Training days Client X has worked all his main muscle groups with functional exercise by doing this it has not only tamed his diabetes without insulin but he has lost a staggering 70lbs!!! in the process and reports more positive emotion and higher energy levels he says that he fear of the complications from Diabetes such as going blind or losing a limb make him want to get out of the door everyday and train!


one to one courses for people preparing for an operation or post operation in recovery