Dream Your Life / Live Your Dream Retreat, Morocco

Marrakech | 6-Nights |15th - 21st November 2020


Whether it’s feeling like a zombie and more irritable than normal, causing tension in your relationships or jeopardising your job, due to stress, recurrent dreams/nightmares or a side effect of the Menopause. Poor and lack of sleep is a reality for many of us and so we invite you to join us for…

The Sleep and Dream Retreat in Magical Marrakech, November 2020, set in the beautiful and exlcusive Villa Dinari, led by the Dream Detective - Sheila Balgobin.

During the retreat you will:

Explore how stress can affect the quality of your sleep and ability to dream.

Learn how different techniques such as Reiki and Hand Reflexology can help you get the rest you desperately need. Leading to better quality sleep and dreams.

Use the Dare to Dream Delivery System™ (DDDS), a three-step system designed to; clear your mind in preparation for dreaming; facilitate remembering your dreams; and teach you how to understand and interpret your dreams.

Relax by the pool, enjoy excursions to the Atlas Mountains and local towns, indulge in a traditional hammam treatment and delicious Moroccan cuisine.

Dream your Life/ Live your Dream Retreat Itinerary

To be announced shortly, kindly enquire below to register your interest.