In a world of so much ‘stuff’ sometimes finding that special someone a perfect gift that is heartfelt and thoughtful can be tough.

Will it fit, is it the right colour, do they already have this? Whatever the occasion, Christmas, birthday, anniversary or just because … these days truly provide a gift that makes someone feel loved and special.  With such busy lives our loved ones and people we care about often want the same thing, Time for themselves, some space and opportunity to escape from the to do list and really relax.


Whitecalm Gift Voucher

From £20.00

White Calm Gift Vouchers – for any value, to be used on any of our products or days. The Vouchers are redeemable for up to 6 months from date of purchase.


Signature Relax & Spa Days | UK

From £99.00

Signature Relax & Spa Days – Perfect for anyone looking for a relaxation session and time in the Spa. From £99 – Lots of dates to choose from or opt for a gift voucher.

Deep Relaxation Days | UK

From £150.00

Deep Relaxation days – The Perfect gift for someone needing to relax and re-charge, through mindfulness and relaxation sessions. From £150pp – Lots of dates to choose from and with a choice of 6 stunning locations all being 4 and 5 star Hotels will make for a truly special gift for some one. Cannot decide on a date ,why not purchase a gift voucher instead?


Genetic Wellness Test


Do you know someone who would love to know a little bit more about their Genetics and how they could enhance their lifestyle without the guesswork? Why not get the a GenSMart DNA Kit – We will provide you with a gift certificate, the Kit is sent to their home and the test is simple.

Genetic Wellness Day | UK


Genetic Wellness days – Includes a GenSmart test and a day with our consultants to review your results, create a personal exercise, nutrition and lifestyle plan. New dates coming soon, please enquire for more information.


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